Lower Plenty Cricket ClubINC

Contacts and Communications

General Enquiries: [email protected]

Junior Enquiries: [email protected]



Vice President



Junior Coordinator

Bar Manager

Apparel Manager

General Committee

General Committee

Asst Junior Coordinator

Junior Family Liaison

Junior Coaching Director

Martin Laidler

Crispy Thompson

Michael Ryan

Antony Luttick

Anuga Caldera

Jackson Grimble

Alex Horner

Brad Wright

Luke Preston

Colleen Robertson

Debbie James

Gaven Brown

0499 227109


0419 618474

0412 427538

0415 341722

0433 370155

0435 178288

0498 525920

0400 023940

0448 300290

0418 465188

0407 122034

Cricket Personnel

Senior Coach

Brad Wright

Assistant Coach

Bill Jenkin

Chairman of Selectors / Net Captain

Jeff Watt

Club Captain

Bill Jenkin

Junior Co-Ordinator

Anuga Caldera

Assistant Junior Co-Ordinator

Colleen Robertson (Under 10s & Under 12s)

Cricket Operations

Michael Ryan

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/128502487251318

This is the Official Facebook Group of the Lower Plenty Cricket Club and at present is an open group allowing all members to post about anything around the club: If you are not a member of the group, either apply to join on the page or email [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/495001534192180/

This is the Official Page for Juniors of the Lower Plenty Cricket Club and is a closed group. If you wish to become a member apply on the page or email [email protected]

At present our Facebook and Twitter feeds are open for any outside comments but their use is subject to the Lower Plenty Cricket Club Social Media policy, available on the website. The policy statement is a common sense guide on what LPCC expects from it's members when using social media. Any indescretions committed on social media by LPCC members on LPCC feeds will be dealt with under the guidelines set out in the policy.